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Update: OHV Bill alive and well

Jim P.

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Hi all, as I predicted in an earlier post, the OHV bill HB 2573 has been brought back to life. It was reincarnated as Senate Bill 1167. http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/48leg/2r/adop...167-se-nrps.pdf

Same wording, different number. Please check it out and let you opinions be heard.

Check out these posts if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Later...Jim P.



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It doesn't appear that much has changed for the better on this "New and Improved" version. My problem with this whole roads/land rights issue is once we give these boneheads an inch, they go back and re-group and start looking for the next inch/mile of takings authority.

The miners here in CA put up a darn good fight against AB1032 (dredging legislation) and in doing so had the support of a number of good organizations, PLP, New49'rs just to name a few and some very knowlegable professional people, some are forum members, that contributed "facts" that could not be disputed against the inuendo/paplum that these organizations spewed to make their case.

Again, I'll admit a small group of "bad apples" is causing these problems for the mass', but who can dispute that these same "bad apples" may be part of the same organizations that wish to close the doors on our own recreation? And again, if it's already against the law under the current State laws/statutes, Why is more enforcement required VIA "New Legeslation".....aren't the authorities enforcing the current law as required???

In general the idea/tactic used by these organizations is to break our will to fight back, and they have deeper pockets and will continue until it is, under a different "type" of control, theirs!

I've been doing further research on these issues via going to the Law Library when I can get time to do so, internet searching and other places (OPs) I'll hold back on this for a bit until I get what can be considered the "true skinney" from said books.

I need to re-groove.....I never thought I'd see this mess in my lifetime

Thanks for keeping everyone up to date.


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for keeping us up to speed on this issue. I couldn't find any groups to fight this mess so I googled till I found "Arizona Off Road Vehicle Rights Action Group" There was only one member, so I joined and made it two! ( http://ronpaul.meetup.com/1868/ ) I am willing to help any interested group if you know of one. Maybe the Blue Ribbon Coalition might help out?

Best Regards, Ben

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I am not sure if they have a representative in Arizona, but if you e-mail jasont@sema.org, I am sure he will be able to help. They have always been very receptive of my e-mails in the past. I quickly browsed their legislative alerts and they don't seem to be aware of this bill. Their newsletters go out to millions of people every month, so it may be a good idea to alert them to this new legislation.

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Hi all, just another quick update. I had a somewhat lengthy discussion with two of the architects of this bill. Both are heavily involved in the Arizona offroading community. My take is that they have the correct intentions, but are missing the mark when it come to preserving our rights. They are convinced that their bill " closes absolutely NO TRAILS OR ROADS". I'm convinced otherwise. I hope I'm wrong. Here's a link to the discussion on the Arizona Virtual jeep club forum. Later...Jim P.

AZVJC forum

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