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I saw the following two posts on another forum. As it is a strong and right message they shared that needs to

be spread to all men, I wanted to post it here. So with the original posters permissions...

"Sorry to go so off topic but if this post helps one

person then I will happily endure the ire of my

fellow listoids for years to come.

I have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.

It could have been detected as early as 2000 or so

had I had a simple PSA test then [blood test. Costs

about 15 or 20 dollars] and today I would not be

approaching surgery and followup therapy for two

years at the end of this month.

My very first PSA was 6 times the panic button

number, so its been growing in there for some time

and is quite aggressive. Zero symptoms, so PSA is

the best early detector.

I urge every man on this list who is over 40 to get

a PSA test, if not for yourselves, then for your

wives, sons, daughters, girlfriends, mothers,

fathers, friends and anyone else you care about.

They need you in their lives and early detection

means 99% survivability. Do it TODAY! NOT


(Name withheld)

and a reply to that post...

"Dear (name withheld)

I wish you good luck in your battle.

I would also like to add to and to amplify your

message. There are two PSA tests. The inexpensive one

that is used for routine screening is called the

_Total PSA Test_. Usually this will be of some value

in determining if you have active prostate cancer,

however this is not true for all men.

There is a significant range in an individual's Total

PSA test results and an absolute level is not a high

confidence indicator of whether an individual has

active prostate cancer. The Total PSA test should be a

regular part of your annual physical. Having a number

of tests 1 year apart establishes a baseline for YOU.

Change from these baseline levels is more important

than the absolute value.

Be aware that there is a very strong genetic

pre-disposition in prostate cancer risk. If you have a

pattern of prostate cancer in your family, get an

additional blood test called _Free PSA_. This is a

more expensive test, but it is much more sensitive

than the Total PSA test. The ratio of the Total PSA to

Free PSA is a much better diagnostic indicator of the

presence of active prostate cancer.

The reason I know about this is that my father died of

early onset agressive prostate cencer at the age of

64. He was diagnosed at age 55 and the cancer had

already started to spread, making it inoperable. His

PSA never got higher than 4.0ng/ml, even with very

active prostate cancer. My younger brother caught his

case of prostate cancer early enough to be cured via

operation. He is alive today because he did both tests

and established a baseline.

Your doctor may argue against routine PSA tests, as

there is aome risk of a false positive if your Total

PSA number is higher than 4.0ng/ml. It is also true

that if men live long enough they will almost all get

prostate cancer. BUT, the prostate cancer that men get

at age 80 , 90 etc. is generally a very non-agressive

cancer and few of these older men will die of prostate


So, get tested for _Total PSA_ early and establish a


If there is a history of prostate cancer in your

family (you will have to ask several relatives, as

often people of the greatest generation do not talk

about such things), get both the _Total PSA_ and the

_Free PSA_ tests as part of your annual physical.

Create a baseline for you.

(also name withheld)

p.s. I am not a doctor or medical professional, I am

an engineer that wants to be an informed patient. "

And a follow up post from the first poster...

"Thanks (Name withheld) - and you are right - there is a noted

number of cases that 'go against the flow' with a

high PSA and negative biopsies for years. But like

you said - establish that baseline. I wish I had.

My first PSA was this January and I tested at 24.8.

Catching it earlier on the curve would have made

some difference in treatment options.

Thanks for your good wishes,

(Name withheld)"

(Rockbiter) On this topic too, I wanted to throw in a couple things that I have heard. One is that there is a

strong possibility that a person can lower the PSA count with the following changes to their diet. No sugar, no

red meat, and no white flour. I have also heard that pomegranate juice (lots of it) can also lower your PSA

numbers. I, like the original poster of this important message feel this information should be spread

anywhere we can. It could save many lives. Have a PSA test done, and like he said, don't wait.

Neither I nor either of these two other posters are medical professionals. Please consult with your physician to

be sure what is correct with your particular situation and health history.

All the best to all of you.

Mike in CO

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