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So you want to buy a gold mine


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I'm glad I didn't bid on that since they only have 774,000 ounces left in there. I don't waste my time for anything less than 775,000! That is one way to keep the nosy folks off the property, tho, just say the ground is unstable. From the way that guy talked, it would make a good open pit before long.

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Hi Rich and All

I went to these mines 5 or 6 years ago with George V from the Desert Gold diggers :outtahere: . It was for sale by the widow who was about to loose it for back taxes :angry-smiley-010: . At the time they could have been purchased for around 40 K :Huh_anim]: . We went through most of the tunnels and detected the snot outa the tunnels,dumps and around some of the old equiptment there :icon_mrgreen: . Nada Zip Zilch :angry-smiley-010: . If the place wasn't so trashy and hadn't had a reputation of past pot growers and drug smugglers I mighta bought it :hmmmmmm: . I'm certain there is gold there in a thin fault vien but most of the accessable good crap's long gone :grrr01: . The fellow selling this place is the charleton, con man and don't know crap from cherry juice about mining :laught16::laught16: . These mines was never big producers and were a lot of work for little pay in there heyday :twocents: . But probably some idiot will buy it for some strange reason someday :tisc-tisc: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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"If there was not gold there, no one would want to live anywhere near that location as it's in the middle of no where and 3 miles from Mexico!"

3 miles from Mexico. That's a deal breaker for me!


What a shame, selling a trumped up mine like this for so much money. I sure hope some idiot doesn't buy it without doing the due research first. You know what they say though, a fool and his money...

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Hi Guys

I can't imagine anyone bieng that stupid with that kind of money :Huh_anim]: . As he says the property taxes are 300 bucks a year :confused0013: . Can you guess what the property taxes would be the years after a 20 million dollars sale :tisc-tisc: . For those unfamiliar with Az property taxes, all sales an affividavate of value is signed at closing and sent to the county recorder and assesors office the following year taxes are based on that affidavite of value :hmmmmmm: . He's already had this property listed on GoldandSilvermines .com ( it says it was sold) :laught16::laught16: . Happy Huntin John B.

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