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xterra finds gold


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Now that is some fine looking gold right there. :wubu: WTG


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Howdy WLTDNIZ... Very inspiring photos... I also am using a xterra and your

successes are giving me renewed enthusiasm to get out and swing.

29, we are both PCSC members. My # is 2161, I'm in the roster... when

you have a chance give me a shout. I have been following you great adventure

on the various forums and am impressed...

Frank C. I read your good words in the AZO forum... I undertand(?) you will be

at the AMDA hunt which will be held in conjuction with the PRIMM GPAA gold show.

My memory is slipping... were you in the PLP planted hunt near Iron Canyon/Taft

Club a few years ago? In any event, I would like to meet you at PRIMM. I hope

to wake up in time on Sat morning to help Bernard plant coins as I will be not be

in the Sat hunt, but plan to be in the Sunday morning event.

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i was useing the 10 x 5 hf dd coil & the prospecting mode auto tune

Nice finds and thanks for sharing the photos. I also use an Xterra 70, but haven't been able to use it much, but hear its a great detector. What coil and settings were you using if you don't mind me asking. :coffeetime:
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I too have an X-Terra 70. I found my first gold nugget with it the first time I took it out. The thing I love about the 70 is the versatility. You can go from the gold fields, to coin and relic hunting and then to the beach. The 70 does a great job as an all around detector. For the money, I think it's the best detector on the market. The coils that are available make the hunting easier. The 5" X 10 " 18.75 DD coil is great for finding gold. The 6" 18.75khz DD coil is also a great gold finder and works like magic when searching for coins and jewelry in trashy areas. The 10.5" 7.5khz DD coil has a very good ability to separate good stuff from trash and really goes down deep. There are dedicated detectors for each type of detecting that you want to do that may do a better job than the 70, but you are going to have to pay more for each one than you will pay for the X-Terra 70 which does it all. Minelab did it's homework on the 70. If you want a machine that does everything well, take a hard look at the X-Terra.

Good hunting, John K

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