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You might want to contact the USGS.Believe these things are very pricey.Infrared imaging supposedly can reveal any man made thing,such as graves,old hidden trails,tunnels etc. regardless of age.May be way off on my info. :hmmmmmm: ........Dave

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Folks let me say something here about some of this "new" technology....actually it isn't very new

at all....I was using satellite imagery and Infared back in the early 90's....also avail abe is high altitude

photos at different altitudes and different times of day...like Dave Wiseman says it's possible to see

old trails...roads....buildings but no tunnels except where the ground was disturbed.....if the technology

exist to see underground I doubt very seriously that it's available to the public....

I used to fly this stuff into a certain Air Force base and just to haul it around I had to have a secret

government clearance....

The satellite imagery photos are pricey to say the least....one photo can run more than $100.00...if

you want color talk to your banker first...

Don't ask me where any of this is now .....I just don't remember but a good search should be reward


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Yeah Kuger I had never heard of these chaps until that article even though their just miles away.Perhaps there some of the guys flying over these past few years.Believe that any ground disturbed by man,even outhouse holes can be seen by these photo's and the closer the detail the more expensive.Some of this tech stuff is used in Iraq and Afghanistan....Randy,with some of this you can cross reference with topo,BLM and other stuff for your lost mine searches.I don't believe in that lost mine stuff myself.Like Garimpo,I too inquired about the infrared photo's many eons ago it seems.Could be good stuff for a group of friends/prospecting club.Perhaps little known and short lived placer and lode areas still exist........Dave

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Randy,with some of this you can cross reference with topo,BLM and other stuff for your lost mine searches.

That's exactly what I was thinking :Huh_anim]: I've got a couple places I'd like to look specifically. Wish me luck! :icon_mrgreen:


Thanks for the link. If I find anymore good info I will post it here :coffeetime:

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