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First Gold!!!!!!!

Jim B

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:whoopie: Hi All

Well, I got some GOOD NEWS. The Arivaca Three (Jim B, Seabee John, and Baja Gary have moved on to Quartsite. AZcoder has now joined up with them. The posters in the Post Office now call them the Quartsite Four. Actually, the news is Seabee John finally got his first nuglet. To him, it's a nugget, but you have to realize it's his first so we make allowances. Jim B found 4 dinks the first 2 days. I'll try to get this pic uploaded.

Vicki B (the better half)


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If you would have let me use that miniture dime that would have made that NUGGET look three times bigger than it is. :innocent0002: You did get one thing very right though, the last three words in your post " the better half " couldn't be more true !!!

Rich, haven't had a fire yet to burn that nugget out of the root, no doubt in my mind though that it must be a nugget. will post as soon as we have a burning.


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Hey, John, that's a very respectable way to lose your cherry on the nuggets...Way to go... Now it's all downhill from here...Keep on slamming 'em...Cheers, Ron

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Hot Dang! :bowdown: I bet he's one happy camper and so am I! I knew he could do it and your gonna have your hands full now Jimmy :rofl2: That is some fantastic news and CONGRATS to one of the best fellers I know! Dem was some hard earned nuggies folks :bowdown:

Good hunting, Bill

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