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If your planning on visiting Rio de Janeiro or know someone that is....no vaccine for this...

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) -- Health officials say an outbreak of dengue fever has infected more than 32,000 people in Rio de Janeiro state and claimed at least 47 lives.

While city officials have denied the outbreak is an epidemic, the number of deaths this year already has outstripped the number of fatalities in all of 2002, the last year there was an officially recognized epidemic.

Federal Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao says he already is treating the situation in Rio, where about 51 new cases of the disease are reported every hour, as an epidemic.

Temporao says the government will open a crisis center in Rio state on Monday to coordinate efforts between the federal and state government and the armed force to fight the disease, which is borne by the Aegis aegypti mosquito

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Hey guys don't let a few misquitos stop ya....what most tourist don't know is the cities here have

almost as much Dengue....Yellow Fever.....Malaria as do the jungles....notice the word ALMOST...

for 40 years I've given blood on a regular basics but when I was in Okla. in 2004 they had a big

drive on for blood donors so me and the Mrs. went down to the blood bank to donate.....when they

found out where we live they refused to take our blood.....they still gave me a nice T-shirt just

for showing up.... :innocent0002:

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