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info about GPX4500 from Australia dealer


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GPX - 4500 Metal Detector .... Due for release on: 7th April 2008.

The GPX-4500 is the ultimate gold finding detector with new added features that makes it stronger and more versatile than ever before.

Incorporating new SETA technology, it is quieter and more immune to interference, so that it is a real pleasure to use.

No matter if you’ve never picked up a detector before, the GPX-4500 has automatic functions and pre-set search modes that make you an expert in a matter of moments. Quieter operation, louder target signals, improved discrimination, and more versatile, the GPX-4500 is the gold detector that gives the best results.

Why would you walk around with a lesser detector?


• NEW TIMINGS so the GPX-4500 is even more versatile. Users of the GPX-4000 have learnt just how valuable it is to have a range of timings to optimise the performance of the detector. In addition to the four timings found on the previous model, the GPX-4500 now introduces two new timings, Enhance & Sharp. The new Enhance timing is a powerful feature, similar to the Sensitive Smooth timing, but provides an improvement in the depth and signal response on small and larger targets. The Sharp timing is more suited to quieter soils and can also be used for pin-pointing.


The GPX-4500 offers pre-programmed search modes, for easy ‘switch-on & go’ detecting. In addition to the General and Deep search modes are four others, Hi Mineral; Hi Trash; Patch and Test A modes. All 6 search modes can also be modified with your favourite settings and renamed.

• GB (Ground Balance) OFF for neutral soils. When searching in non-mineralised solis, ground balance can be switched off to give increased depth. This setting will be popular for treasure and relic hunters in loam or sandy soils.

• BACKLIGHT so you can read the LCD menu in any light, day or night. The backlight has adjustable time-out to preserve battery life.

• STABILIZER for the smoother threshold. The Stabilizer function is a fine tuner that gives the operator full control over the threshold stability. After all other functions are set, you will use the Stabilizer to give fine adjustment for a smoother threshold and the ability to pick up the faintest of signals.

• TARGET VOLUME ... Target Volume allows you to increase the strength of softer target signals. This is useful for very windy conditions; for people suffering from hearing loss; and to adjust the audio volume when using external speakers. This is a powerful feature, and will work in conjunction with the Stabilizer control, giving you the ultimate in fine tuning ability.

• IMPROVED DISCRIMINATION gives you access to the worst of trashy ground. When detecting in a high-trash area like a mining site or a campground, the Iron Reject function allows the operator to set the desired level of discrimination, from cautious to aggressive. This will assist detecting in areas that have previously been rejected due to the quantity of Ferrous junk.

• BUILT - IN AMPLIFIER allows you to hear soft target signals from deeper nuggets, more easily. The newly designed Li-Ion battery pack now has an audio amplifier built in, which boosts target signals, if using an external amplifier. The design of the amplifier and the use of high-quality low noise components ensure the signal response is clear and crisp, without the added background hum of some boosters.

SETA Explained

The GPX-4500 now offers a total of six Timing options to suit different detecting conditions. Previous GP series detectors operated using one universal alignment suitable to all their timings. With so many different timing options packed into the GPX-4500, it was no longer possible to rely on a single alignment, and so the Smart Electronic Timing Alignment or SETA concept was born.

SETA automatically sets a precise alignment for each Timing option. What this means is that in each timing, noises caused by magnetic interference will be minimised, the threshold will remain more stable, and signals from highly magnetic rocks will be significantly reduced. This allows you to harness all the power of the GPX-4500, and operate it more efficiently under different conditions.

SETA technology allows each timing to operate independently and much more efficiently so that deep and small hard to hear nuggets become more obvious.

“Testing the GPX-4500 was a real eye-opener, even in the worst ironstone infested soils. The new Enhance timing is truly great, as ground noises are virtually non existent, yet it is super sensitive, and punches deep. The Hi Trash search mode is a big improvement, as it makes it much easier to reject ferrous junk. The other new feature that I love is the Stabilizer, as it allows me to get the audio as smooth as I want it. No negative comments from me, this machine is HOT!” ..... Minelab Field Tester.

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