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Getting my new coiltek coil SN# 101 and asking BS to limber up his pointy finger and getting this blank stare from him he finally pointed to some hills and said to up up this road and then take that turn and then over that hill and up this wash and around the corner to the right and thru a wash over the next hill and around the corner to the next right and past a wide spot and then find a spot to park, We had precise direction to where the gold was. Ken this other guy from AK I met in the park was driving, so we went out and found the precise area Bill said, after some hunting Ken found a little piece, wt unknown and then he found a little snake to play with which coiled up on his coil, I found a little taranchalia (sp) spider and carried it back to the truck, which later got away, (sorry kids). On my way back and working a little slope I got a signal that sounded good and began to dig, Once I got thru the soft dirt and into the hardpan I knew it had to be something good. After about 14 inches I scraped the dirt with scoop and there it laid, just waiting to be retrieved. It ended up at 5.9 grams, so this was ny 1st and only LSD nug to date. Thanks Bill :icon_mrgreen: Think I will try it again before we leave on Fri.

Allen in MT now in Bills turf.



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Way to go, Allen...Classic LSD nugget...It sounds like Billy sent you to my "Baby Snake Patch" and you actually got to meet the patch's namesake...That's why I called it that because there was lots of baby rattlers there.... :hmmmmmm: I wonder.....Cheers, Unc

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Hey Allen & All...I think I stumbled upon your digging area today at the LSD...There were two sets of footprints, one that had a kinda worn down footprint typical of Doc's Bates boots and the other more squared off wafflestompers...There were lots of digholes, but one in particular that was filled with some fist sized rocks...I found this little 0.3 grammer right next to a dig hole...Cheers, Unc


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