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Alan from Montana beating up on LSD

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Hi All,

Allan from Montana showed up here in Morristown last week and after doing other stuff for a couple days he decided to test out my pointy finger...Danged if he didn't nail a 4.9 DWT nugget from LSD yesterday :tisc-tisc: Geeeeze I forgot who I was pointing for. Ken the feller from AK he was with also gotr a little one. JB taught me the finger thingy chant and all :laught16:

Good hunting, Bill

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Allen is always lucky. One time his wife wanted to go pick up some large bowl shaped rocks at a local stream. Allen got tired picking up just rocks so he got his gold detector out and went for a short strole. :icon_mrgreen: After about 15 minutes he found a nice solid 5 oz nugget. I saw the nugget and it looked like your thumb.

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Bill, you should have a "pay up front fee" before you point your finger

:laught16::laught16::laught16: Oh my gosh.....If that should happen you would have John B. and Bill S. in competion with each other, which could result in a bidding war of sorts! :confused0013:

"I'll give you 'three to his one' for the same price"! :laught16:


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Funny how the pointy finger works

It is easier to give than receive.I have seen first hand the gift,s of JB and Mr Southern.

It is a rare day indeed to meet people like that.Not being gold hog,s and all

Bill i remember the 4 Oz Pointy nugget when we met.

La Paz Do not worry guys the area is CLOSED,.

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