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Hey Garimpo, are you going? Generally they get a good to great turn-out...if they have done enough advance advertising the crowd will most likely be bigger than usual because of the higher interest in gold....I believe they usually have some coin-shoots too which increases the turnout....

I have been to a few, they are good for seeing like-minded people and some great gold displays.


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I'll be at the Primm show in April, and I look forward to saying "hello" and visiting with anyone who comes by the ICMJ "Prospecting Journal" booth.

The shows are fun, there is a lot of equipment there to look at, all the latest stuff.

I dont know if its worth coming all the way from south America, but if you are more or less in the neighboorhood, or just wanted to get away to the Vegas area for a few days, then they are well worth it.


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Hi Mtnman....thanks for the laugh.....angles?.....I'll even be willing to bring my GPS coords to

my house here in Brazil ......

Since you'll have your gold shows....I got to thinking maybe I should have one also....I was

the only one that attended.....wife was peeking around the corner.......

Total weight 589.0...less 20.5 for the containers =568.5 grams





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:If you make it to prim check out the back parking lot there are alawys some one with a truck load of equipment

for sale and you never know what you will find.I have bought a lot of good used stuff that way. :innocent0009:

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Hi Eddie...glad to see Henderson, NV checking in....I lived there for six years before moving down

here....problem with me buying anything new or used is getting it down here...I don't use suit

cases...instead trunks...and I'm weight limited to 70lbs each......

Hi Frank C.......beeped most of it...now and then a lone prospector will come by the house and want

me to buy his gold because he knows I won't tell the world....if he sells to the local gold buyer who

tells everybody because it's to his benefit for more people to sell him their gold....but still it has

to be different or unusual....I have to be careful because some of these folks are pretty crafty...just

last year a prospector brought by my house a "gold" mortar/pastel(bad spelling) big and heavy...he

said it was solid gold made by the slaves....I had another guy take it to the gold buyer for a test

with some acid and it turns out the solid gold was "brass"....

Anyway this is what's left over from last May 2007 when I was in the USA....


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Hi me again . I have ben buying and selling for a long time and i alawys carry a acid test kit with me because i to have

ben burned a fue times. If i cant scratch and test i don't buy.you can buy acid test kits at jewerly supply,s on the net. farly cheap :innocent0009:

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