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Slow day in Franconia for me

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Finally got a day off so went out to Franconia with a friend for a couple of hours before the clouds and wind moved in to Franconia. Searched for about four hours in a new location and got only one chondrite weighing 22.3 grams hiding under a small bush using my Goldmax Sierra Coil. At this rate I just may go back to the stock coil and start double checking all the bushes in the area. :twocents:


Stan aka Kaimi


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Why use the stock coil to check bushes?

just turn the gain down to 2.5 and stick that puppy in the general direction of the bush.

I pulled one of those bush finds last weekend and it was a small guy but he screamed 4 inches away from the edge of my coil! that wasn't even under the coil!

hope you find a new patch


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Hi Stan

I wondered why you didn't pick me up! No room in the Jeep. :laught16: One is still better than none.

We had about 1 and a 1/2 inches of the white stuff. Now to trim the fields when the vegetation really gets to growing. We will be in tall cotton or maybe corn fields. :icon_mrgreen:


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Hey Stan,

You weren't the only one... I got out on Saturday; hunted about 7 hours North side and 3 hours South side and came up with (x3) irons and a chondrite that resembled the size of an iron :winking0023:


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