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frank c

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For me this looked and sounded like a .357 or .44 MAG when my detector hit on it, BBBUUUTTTT, it was way toooooo deep to have been lead in the wash I was working. SOOOO to my excitement and surprise as I stuck it in my mouth to get all of mother nature off it so I could actualy see what it was SCHOCK and AAAAWWWW set in immeadiately!!!!

:laught16::laught16::laught16: :icon_mrgreen: :headphones: :headphones: , Oh geeez now that thats over :coffeetime: I can relax and start searching for my next trick.

All kiddin aside its the biggest an best nug I have detected in my ever so short career, As a matter of fact after finding this piece the rest of my collection is DWARFED by it all 50 + pieces When I felt it in my hand I thought HOLY MOSES THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT !!!! And as I was leaving the area for the day I looked back where I had gotten it and THANKED MOTHER NATURE for it.

I'm happy as a pig in a garbage pile !!!!

I'm sharin these pics an proud of 'em, an I just KNOW theres gonna be more to come. Like Chief Dan George said in Josey Whales The great white fathers told us to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE :headphones: :twocents:



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WTG :whoopie:

Now that you have heard the difference between.......zipppp-zipppp and zipppp-zipppp I am sure that you are on your way to greater things, just do not let it make you deaf to those subtle zip-zips.......


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And now that you had a "taste" of a honker the smaller ones will just taste like tidbits eh! :laught16:

Nice nuggie.


Stan aka Kaimi

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In all reality it was'nt your normal "detect an dig" situation. I had a signal around a rock in a wash, decieded to dig out the rock. It was about 2ftx2.5ft angular shaped used a rock bar and shovel to free it only about 8 inches was above the ground. After I removed it and detected the clumps that were scattered on the surface it was in one of them. So there's really no tellin how deep it actually was at first, But one thing I will tell ya, this area has been POUNDED by a zillion detectors.

Happy Hunting

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