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Can I borrow your beeper

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Dave guess those guy,s in Jim Town have not changed much thru the years. :angry-smiley-010:

More Thief,s per capita there in that there town. :outtahere:

You know about all the higerading when they got that Christmas Day nugget $$$ :Huh_anim]:

40 lbs for the main mass at least 30 lbs of chips in employes pockets.

Kind of a Christmas day for all involved :Huh_anim]:

Hope your doing good up there.

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Yeah Denny,hanging in there,ELdorado..mostly the crimes are not really violent as you can gauge by some of those reports...sometimes there quite serious such as a couple of years ago when it was reported from Valley Springs by a grandfather who claimes his grandson and a few friends broke into his trailer,tied him up,and stole his case of beer :laught16: ..now that's a major crime......Dave

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