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Franconia was very very good to me!

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Well I have run my butt off to get ready and now im heading backto franconia to wook the canyon my Big Mo was found in. I am starting out there This thrusday evening. I should show at the main campsite around 10-11 tonight.

Anyone waning to join me is welcome just walk up and introduce yourself. I am always happy to try and show people what to look for. If needed I willhand off the dropp rocks that one uses to test thier gear for finding small iron and chondrite targets.Jim was kind enough to set me up when i started and since then I have carried them in the feild easily for god knows how many miles.

I am hoping thatthe poppies have been watered so they are looking good for my walk in the field. I may go to the field for meteorites but I enjoy just about every aspect of the arizona desert! The last time i was out i had the earphones on and was searching when I heard this load hum and looked up to see a swarm of bees making thier way over me. Having raised them befire I know not to fear them when theier swarming as they ussualy have gorged themselve in honey and are simply trying to find a new nest. With the new africanised bees around It would be smart to pay attention to any large bushy objects. They could have a nest in them .

If you havent searched franconia and want to come on out this weekend and hi. I will be more than happy togive GPS reading to a large block where you can locate me. I also carry a Garmin Rhino 530h that has a tono of channels. I normaly operrate on channel one when I get started so people can get in touch. I will post the frequencies I use when i get the book lol


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