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Holbrook Saturday

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Mike and I hit Holbrook on Saturday and finally found something we could pick up without tweezers :laught16: I found a total of 42 grams :Huh_anim]: an 8 grammer 2- 6 grammers 2- 4 grammers 2- 2 grammers a 1 grammer and about 9 grams of small ones. Mikey scored about 12-14 grams (I think) Its nice to have some to add to my collection that I dont have to use a loop just to see them!!!!!!!!


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Hi all,

My good friends Paul and Mike forgot to mention that they got the exact coordinates to "My Holbrook Honey Hole" from my latest video about Holbrook. I gave them a sneak peak at my latest video and allowed them to copy the coordinates.

This video will be public on my monthly "Ruben's Hunting Grounds" video - www.meteorite-times.com - on March 15th. So if you're planning a Holbrook trip it might be a good idea to check out this video first.

Remember it will be public on March 15th and the very same coordinates that Paul and Mike used will be available for all to use. This is where I - and my boys - first found 74 grams of Holbrook meteorite fragments on Dec. 31, 2007! Now Paul and Mike find over 50 grams! You could be next!!!!

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Sorry about not metioning Mr-Meteorite, but I wasnt sure when the coords were going to be public and I didnt want to add to his HUNDREDS of e-mails :laught16: :innocent0009: Thanks for the spot. probably wouldnt have found any without them.


P.S. nice video too!!! Make sure you check it out on the 15th

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You say the 15th? I'll have to get out there before the traffic starts so I can get myself a parking space. :laught16:

You guys should have seen Franconia this weekend, boy was it was packed! I actually had to talk a lady out of getting Gordons car towed because she thought it might have been an abadoned car.


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