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I haven't look on ebay for a long time for whats selling on ebay in the way of mining claims.Now everybody brother,mother and us don't leave sister out, are posting claims for sale.This one person is got some in BC Canada real cheap but even if it's got gold on it he left one thing out about mining in BC. This is unless BC has change the mining laws because they did require you to work your claim 180 days out of a year to keep it.I think they forgot to say that.

This is for you old old timers.Do you remember when you could get a deed to a 1in. sq.of land in Alaska and I think it was in Cheerios cereal box? I never got one and I never knew anyone that did.

This is just for something to remember when.When that was I can't remember. :laught16:

Chuck Anders

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Aloha out there,

I have got some HOT property for sale on the BIG ISLAND! :laught16: Really good bargain too, only problem is you will be needing some heat resistant clothing. BTW, this is the one place in Hawaii that the land is actually growing everyday. DUH!!


Stan aka Kaimi

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I remember that 1 in square piece of property in Alaska. In the early to mid 50's wasn't it? I think that my brother and I both got a deed to some of that turf. I thought it was from Wheaties and it was for a couple of box-tops. It has been too long to remember for sure.


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I just saw Golden Girl Mining sell a claim for over $2000, It is adjacent to a claim I own, so I am very familiar with the area. There is gold on the property, but you better have an experienced team and a giant winch. They claimed 80 acres, but the way they claimed it there was ony 600-800 feet of river and the access they showed was via private property. Very typical of a fast paper claim. They find a bridge over a river or creek and if available, quickly claim it and put it up for sale

Mtman: I have a 42.5 acre claim in the Placerville (CA) area that I have had for three years and can show the gold it produced, plus the previous owner was George Massie AKA Buzzard himself, if interested PM me.

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