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Saturday Franconia Finds

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I made it out to Franconia for a Saturday hunt. I finally managed to find a decent 243 gram chondrite :woohoo: . I also found a 12 gram chondrite and a nice 1 gram iron, though it is a little rusted. Here are some pics of the 243 gram piece.

post-2983-1204765569_thumb.jpg post-2983-1204764666_thumb.jpg post-2983-1204764688_thumb.jpg


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Yes, there are still some honkers out there guys. You just need to put in your time and swing that coil.

Nice job Scott, now go back and find its mates. :laught16:


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thank you all for your encouragement. It was a great feeling to pull that big guy outta that hole.

Sorry, my GPS is kinda shy. It doesn't like to show its private parts... :unsure: so I did like they do on T.V. and blurred it out. Actually, I have no problem giving away the location, I am sure it was a well pounded area. I was just lucky enough to run my detector over the right spot :icon_mrgreen: . It screamed! There was no mistaking the sound. Anyway, I blurred out the coords because I didn't know how veteran hunters of Franconia feel about giving coords out to the public. I don't want to open a can of worms :worm1: .


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