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Hi All

Mike - I would agree your specemin looks to be a rather new version of the typical Franconia's. I also think you should have this examined. I'm posting Todd's new find, which has already been sliced and on it's way for classifacation. The crust and the weathering would be one example. The lack of fractures might indicate the age. Todd's new find, like yours , appears to be stable and hasn't moved with the geology in the area. Look at both yours and Todd's & Robert Ward's opinion, that this type of meteorite has not been on the ground as long as most. Have it sliced for sample necessary for examination. Hope you have a new find in the field. :whoopie:

On this snake thing, watch when you pull up your tent stakes. The critters love to feel the warmth under the tents and wiggle for attention. :laught16:

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:




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Thank you for the images Wayne. Did Todd find this meteorite near the Franconia field like Mike did? Maybe I missed a previous post that explained this... if so, sorry for the question.

I also appreciate your snake warning. Thanks.


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Hi Scott

This find is not near the GB or the Franconia fields. It is in the Bullhead AZ and the Laughlin NV area.

The find is what we have worked for and not on lake beds. Its on the same terrain as the geology in the areas. One in a million find. Todd has the eyes of a hawk and after 7000grams in Franconia and a bunch in Gold Basin he knows the geology. My thanks to Larry Sloan, Jim Smaller, Robert Ward and John Wolfe all his friends who gave Todd the extra help to keep on beating the bushes.

Keep up the hunt and find the next new specimen.

Wayne :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:

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