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And here are my meager finds

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Saturday started out real nice for Del and I. Nice weather and actually found a couple of small pieces pretty quick.

Sunday was a different story: Windy as all heck! Lots of false targets but nada,zip,squat for me.

Monday: Just could not leave Franconia knowing I got skunked so after gassing up I decided to sleep in the jeep at the truck stop and hunt monday morning. I started at 8am sharp and found my first chondrite within 30 minutes. then plucked out four irons from the same general area. Moved on to a spot i really wanted to check and after an hour of hiking found a nice one within 40 minutes of detecting. I finally decided I had enough for the day and left at 1pm.

This was one rough weekend. Logged a LOT of miles as Del can testify.

Saturday finds= 6 nice irons totalling with one weighing out at 1.8 grams and it looked like a cashew with some nice little impacts.

chondrites=20.8gm,10.8gm,11.5gm and 1.7gm and the big one for the day was 153.3 gm.

Sunday= dont want to even think about today

Monday=four irons totalling 9 grains and a chondrite weighing 12.4, the last one weighed in at 158.9gm.

Dont want to even think about how many miles Del and i logged but it was a LOT!

good luck to the next couple of guys hunting out there. Hint: Take a weedwacker,everything is growing like springtime.


Stan aka Kaimi






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Way to go Stan! Heck you even plucked some nice looking irons.

Yeah that was definately a rough weekend, but we toughed it out and it looks like it all worked out for both of us.

Have you thought about reducing the file size before you post? I know you use Adobe Photoshop Elements and I can walk you through how to reduce the image sizes, just give me a call.


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Nice bunch Stan. :whoopie: We need to find a way of stealing some of that Youth from the Boys.. :laught16: :banged:

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:

Mahalo for the compliment Wayne. I dont think I will be needing to steal any youth from them wippersnappers just yet. Hell, Del seems to be doing a great job keeping up with me so far. :laught16:

Although at times I do tend to take a break every now and then. BTW, it seems that when I take my breaks I usually end up plucking a chondrite out of the ground within five feet. :innocent0009: Must be intuition or something because it sure has been working a lot lately. :innocent0002:


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thanks for the pics Stan. It's a good thing you hung in there for a Monday hunt, you did well. Glad you got to leave feeling good, Sunday sounds like it was a stinker. Congrats on your finds :whoopie: .


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Yo Stan,

Those are VERY nice finds! Nobody has got anything over on you. I have a slight feeling that you might be getting used to that new coil. Hmmmmmmm...........could be.................. Nice photos too. That "cashew" is really cool.See you out there soon. Ben

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