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All Together Now Finds from 07

frank c

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SANY0018.bmp:woohoo: Got bored and decieded to organize alittle :coffeetime:

Put all the pieces together and in a display case. :icon_mrgreen:

This is all :headphones: detected with my trusty GMT AND Blackwidows phones for the hearing impaired (AKA me )from a well pounded :Huh_anim]: patch that dates back to the late 1800's

From sept 07 to dec 07, and includes my FIRST 3 nugs found on the same day.

I'm not braggin cause there isn't much weight here, some of these pieces are smaller than a pinhead. But there are ALOT of pieces over 50.

For a relative NEWBIE that has read and asked questions on this forum and others I'm content with my learning process

THANKS to this forum mainly. I hope to show a really good find this year with a :laught16: (LOTA) little luck.

So you guys just keep on talkin an I'll keep on listening :bowdown:

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Jim McCulloch

It was nice talking to you at the GPAA gold show at Belton Tx.Maybe will meet again and talk some more on PI detectors.

Have you got the one that was suppose to be sent to you?If and when you can give your view on it.

The word is out that Minelab will have their GP4500 out about April 8th.

Best to you Jim!


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Great job Frank. Looks like you have got your ears trained on the GMT too. That is one of the main reasons I love to hunt for irons out at Franconia. I figure if I can find them small little pieces out there, the larger pieces will just scream.

Keep on pounding them "hammered out" areas that people leave for us GMT users. :laught16:


Stan aka Kaimi

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Good for you, Frank, that's something to be proud of, no matter what detector you're swinging. If you EVER find yourself getting down on the size of the gold you're finding, just remember one thing, not long ago I sent in some of my fines. I had three one ounce vials full of minus 200's to sell and at the last minute decided to go ahead and weigh them out to get a better total. Turns out, those three vials came up to almost six ounces! No matter how small it is, it WILL ad up.

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