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Gold Basin----Franconia the 8th-15th Hunting!!!

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Hi guys looks as thou ill be down at gold Basin the 7th or early the 8th ill be there 3 to 4 days after witch ill be heading to Franconia for 3 to 4 days I got 2 weeks off so I'm going to have to do some real hunting before it gets why to hot out.. Would be sweet too see hunters out there. but any ways hope to see you all out there..

:icon_mrgreen: :twocents:

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Hello Nate. I'll be pulling into GB on Monday the 10th and will probably be there for 3 days and then on to Franconia for 3 days so maybe we could meet up. Will you be camping? If so where? Perhaps Wayne or others could get out during that week. Hope to see you. --Perry--

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Nate your spelling is getting better, keep it up man. I'd suggest before you post to cut and paste your messages into MS word and run a spell check before you post.

I just might come out too depending on my schedule, I've really been itching to hunt Gold Basin again.


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You are going to have a LOT of company out ther this weekend. Looks like GSSN and I think the GPAA group will be there too.

Good luck out there.


Stan aka Kaimi

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