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Al C

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Hay guys, The bottom half of the coil cover keeps coming off on my GB2. Is there any way to glue it back on or will that cause it too not work right? Or do I need to get a new one? My beeping skills suck, but I try most every day I have found five small nuggets in about a year and a half. Real bad compeared to what you guys do. But who know's, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for any info, AL

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Morning Al C.....like Richs I too have been using silicone for years....I put a good trail of it

on the inside of the cover where the sides start up from the bottom....it gives a good seal with

no breaks as it oozes out the top and then I use wood strips and C-clamps and let it sit overnight....

now along comes Lve2fsh with a different "glue" :idea: ....think maybe I'll have to listen to this idea..

with the silicone it is a "mama bear" to get the old plate off.....thanks Lve2fsh.....now if only I can find

that caulk here....

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That cover shouldn't be coming off like that. I've worn through several -- about one a year -- and none of them ever has even felt loose. In fact, once they've worn through, I usually have to cut them off even though they have wear cracks a couple of inches long. Strange. I mostly only use a 6.5 inch coil. Maybe they fit tighter than the larger coil covers.

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