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Our kids value!!


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Just because they are listed there does not mean that they are really bad, some had to plea bargain out to get out of a bad situation that was not true..............

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That is the bad thing, the way the system is set up a lot of folks get accused of something and the lawyer tells then to Take a Plea.....does not matter if they did it or not .... as far as the way the court thinks...THEY ARE GUILTY....and they tend to belive the kid....after you take a plea and get your sentance then it does not matter if the kid tells the truth the courts won't change anything.....


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Folks posting something like this may or may not be fair.....I believe the percentage of innocent

people on a watch list such as this is very low and if it will help protect or save a kid from violence

then to me it's worth posting.....

Maybe there is no justice in our system if your truly innocent but it's still the best justice system in

the world today....unlike the Arab countries where your given thirty days to appeal and then your

head comes off......

In this world today you can't trust anyone....a lot of reasons for that....to many to get into here....

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