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Franconia 2/28/08

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Ran up to Franconia on Thursday. No work, why not find some meteorite.

Went to a new spot for me and found some nice piece.

Found two nice ones and two little ones.





6 little irons 4.6g






Nice haul Mike! I know there's pics, I just can't seem them while I'm at work! :grrr01:


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Didn't come across any snakes, but a lot of weeds out there.

Del, most likely me and Paul will see you out there on Saturday.


Whew NO snakes huh! Makes me happy!! :whoopie: :whoopie:

I will be out and about real early saturday morning also,so if you have radios i will be on channel 6.

DEL: check your pm to find out where I will have a radio for you if you want one.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi gang, last weekend when I was there, there were RR ties all the way down the road that leads to the main tunnel. Just be careful, it might be tight squeeze for full sized vehicles. Jason :;):

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