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Well i finally got off my ass and dug the old trusty (and filthy dusty ) tector out of the closet a few weeks ago, headed off off to the hills with sean, spent a horrible arizona spring day enjoying the weather and the company....hell i even squeaked a lil nuggie out of an old patch that had been combed over at least a thousand times :ROFL: I had completly forgotten how good it feels to get out and spend a day diggin hot rocks and boot tacks :icon_mrgreen: . I cant wait to get out again and see if i really remember how to swing that darn thing . lol I even watched jp's gp 3000 video just so i would remember how to turn the darn thing on .....gonna try and head out again on Sunday so maybe I'll see a few of ya'lls out there hiding behind bushes and cursing the Cholla like we do. Happy hunting.... :WOW:

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hi arron it is good to be out and about again . how is that open elk tag treating you ? keeping you good and busy i bet . the bike ride was one hell of an adventure thats for sure allmost 8000 miles and 29 states with a lil bit of canada thrown in for the adventure . i finally found a house for my self so i really doubt that will happen again this year :wah: . it was good to see u bill its been like 300 years since we have seen each other . i believe sean and i are headed out your way in a couple of weeks we will have to stop in and say hi again . maybe have some shrimp on toast for breakfast :077:

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