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I guess a Rhino roll over on someone by going on the side of a hill.So the Law Office of Carabin & Shaw will help you to get some money if this has happen to you. You can go to www.atvattorney.com/ and read all about it.Just to let you know the line forms at the rear. :laught16:

I had to shorten one leg to do that but the bad part is I can't go but one way.This ad was in the paper today but I didn't go to the site. :coffeetime:

Chuck Anders

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"Stupid is as stupid does". Know the limits and stick to them and if ya can't it's all on you! That statement certainly does not mean I have no compassion for those that get hurt, but when someone gets hurt from their own negligence, I hate to see attornies get rich. It's all in the same class as that famous cup of hot coffee spill at Micky D's

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I was in the yard when she rolled the UTV. She was not going very fast on flat ground in the back yard. she made a turn and the wheels grabed the ground bad somehow. But once the weight had distributed the way it did it rolled hard. Snaping her arm and breaking it so bad they thought they would have to amputate it. It will never be the same. She is a mother of seven children and not a crazy maniac on a toy. I will agree that there are those that deserve what they get and those that get what they do not deserve. They did not sue Yamaha and will not sue them either. Infact she even says that you take that chance when you want to ride. The fact of the matter is Yamaha knows they had desighn issues and have done a few recalls to fix those troubles. As far as stupid is as stupid does. :coffeetime:

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It's one thing to flip one in your back yard on flat ground, but to sue Yamaha because you were driving on the side of a hill and the thing rolled over...well...that's your own fault IMO. You can't expect this thing to defy gravity can you? No.

Either way maybe this will make these a little safer in the future. I'm just glad most people stopped riding 3 wheelers. Man are those things dangerous...jeesh.

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UTV's are dangerous!

Just like alot of things.

If you want everything to be perfectly safe....then be prepared to travel no faster than a crawling speed.

Otherwise take resposibility for your own actions.


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