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Hello Lou. I use my pick!

I was surprised at the smoothness of that nugget in the area we were in.

Hello Rich. Yes, today I was running an 18" Commander.

The ground has sharp bedrock jetting out in some areas with deeper crevices in between, so the ground can go from very shallow to very deep in just a few inches. It would be easer to use a smaller coil to manuver around but I want to make sure I cover the deeper ground and boy did I have some deep targets today!

Here are the Miniballs.



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Geeeeze you guys better slow down, you may hurt yourselves totin all those nuggets home :rofl2:

Cheers, Bill

:hmmmmmm: :laught16: :headphones: :icon_mrgreen: Thanks, I think the plan is to keep the wind to our nose ans sneek up on many , many more , but thanks for the advice bill. new pictures soon................. Brock

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