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Thats nice brock!

How did the grey nuggets get so round? :laught16:

You should do as Bill and use an 8". You won't have to dig as deep and as mutch.

Just don't pay attention to the 18" I'm using. :postdigger: :innocent0009:


LUCKY-- THATS ALL--------- YOUR JUST LUCKY :flip1: :whatever:

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Hey Alan,

I only use the 8 inch in areas where it will be an advantage....I use a 16 NF when needed :innocent0009: or a variety of others with the 14 EM, 8 RM, and 16 RM getting the most attention.

The right coil in the right spot can make a big difference :icon_mrgreen: Knowing when to switch can really pay off and I never hunt a good patch with just one coil and leave :Huh_anim]:

Cheers, Bill

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No Offence taken Alan and I do use the 8 inch Commander allot especially on patches with shallow ground or sometimes deep ground to get the little ones missed with my 14 or 16 inch coil. The 8 inch is an amazing coil when used on the 4000... Try going over a few of your spots worked with larger coils and you may get a nice surprise :icon_mrgreen: I still prefer the 14 inch elliptical for all around use though with the 16 round close behind....

Good hunting, Bill

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Nice gold guys :headphones: I've noticed one thing with the 4000 and the smaller coils--it seems not only more sensitive to smaller gold but also see's alot more hot rocks :tisc-tisc: --I'll stick to the bigger coils :icon_mrgreen: :twocents:-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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