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Big species from the motherlode

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If I recall,the piece was found in the late 1980's on the conveyor belt before being crushed,an unknown amount off that piece was lost. :Huh_anim]: http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.php/topic,140923.0.html the funny thing was when people heard of a giant chunk being found they thought I found it on my claim :hmmmmmm: the county shut this mine down and lost over 400 jobs and mucho income,now they're crying for decent jobs as most are related to the main industry of Tuolomne county are health care for seniors and others.May be wrong on this ,but think the vein where this was found was near or headed to the Table mountain tertiary channel which was extensively worked in the old days,if they had worked the quartz veins in the gravel it would have been found many moons ago.This channel is an interesting feature of the local landscape as it runs for miles and is quite distinct how it stands out against the skyline,The river canyon of old was filled in with volcanic flows and it being much harder than the surrounding country rock resisted erosion,so it stands alone like a railroad track elevated against the sky,with a slight grade........Dave

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