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LSD gray turns golden

Lou R

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Was a gray morning and even had a few light sprinkles. Figured I catch up on chores and see if the sun came out. By noon, still gray so I headed out to LSD area for a couple of hours. My 3rd target put a golden glow on the day. This nug has magnetite locked up in it and will stick to a magnet.



61 grains


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Coda, Although the intial signal was soft, scraping the surface debris aside with my boot increased its volume and there was no doubt it was metal. There really was no discernible difference in sound caused by the magnetic material. Target was approx 8" deep. I was using the Commander 8" Mono coil.

Blake & Gene... Was great meeting you guys in Bagdad. Anybody get one on the claim Saturday? I picked up a half pound of iron it seems...


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Lou R.

In the wash I detected, just found junk..............

I think you need to hunt up on the hills where all the Quartz is........

You gota dig a bit of junk to find those nuggets......

:coffeetime: ............wonderer

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Blake, you got that snake all toasty and warm in an aquarium now?



Well I wanted to snake train my dogs again, so this worked out perfect. So I chucked Mr. Rattler in a smooth sided dump trailer. It was real cold out and he wasint going anywhere, just curled up and stuck his head under his body and took a nap.

Well a buddy of mine called and we went exploring out by Constelation Rd till dark. The day warmed up real nice and I guess Mr. Rattler decided he wanted no part of my dog training so he hightailed it. :Huh_anim]:

Oh well there will be more, I was just excited to get one this early in the season.

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