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Last Sat. [2-16-08] I made it back out into the Dale . My friend Jim comes out from Virginia a couple times a year, and we go a chas'n the gold . So Va. Jim [cool forum name i've given him] and I soon had are camp set for the week . Before dinner we decided to drive "down into the Pinto's". I was eager to introduce Va. Jim to Tim Mann and Rusty . When we arrived at the bowl [R.D.'s camp] all was silent , not even any wind....

I figured Tim and Rusty just stepped out for a few cans . Va. Jim was the first to notice "monkey sign" [He's a hunting southern boy/ B.A. Marine] a little monkey fuzz here and there , mixed with a little bit of monkey sh!t . We started to interpret the clues left behind.....And the way it looks is , Tim Mann was in a short but violent struggle , he must have kicked the sh!t out of a few monkeys [explains the monkey fuzz and sh!t] . THen there were the monkey "prints"/drag marks that faded out after some 40-50 ft. , and looks like 2-3 Flying Monkeys just lifted-off with Tim Mann , and one knuckle dragging monkey with Rusty !

It's a shame that he's gone , as he was a gift for all who ventured "out into the Dale" . In the "Tim Mann of the Pinto Placers" story [11-30-07]I chose not to add a photo of him , so that others would have a chance to find him . Now that he can't be found , I'll add a pic. of him on this post .

O'yah.... one other interpretation of the clues to the Tim Mann abduction is , some A.H. ,sh!ting around the Dale , dragged Tim and Rusty down past the fire-ring , thew them into the back of there pick-up and drove off.....I like the first scenario better , anyway.


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