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A few more goodies from today

Guest goldstudmuffin

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Bill and All,

I got out again today for a little beepin. I hit a large spiciman :innocent0009: :brows: , 4 nuggets and a meteorite (I think) The nuggets weight 7.2 dwt. I was going to throw the meteorite back but I thought it would give John B. a thrill!

Bill I joined photobucket but couldn't get the picture to work.


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Nice Russ,

I will be out at the not so secret secret spot camping this coming weekend all by my lonesome ifin you will be out that way....

After you upload the photo to Photobucket there will be 3 small link boxes at the bottom of the photo, click the 4th one and it will copy to your browser (marked IMG Code) Come back to your post and simply paste it in where ya want it and bingo!

Cheers, Bill

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Wow, Russ, that gold's got some great character to it...How come you didn't suck the dirt off??? :icon_mrgreen: Cheers, Unc

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