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Fun with the kids

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Another, spare of the moment run to a dry lake bed. I think it was about 6:00pm when

Paul called me up and said, lets take the kids out to a dry lake bed tomorrow so they can ride.(We can hunt!)

Got out there around 8:00am, got the bikes unloaded and the kids started to ride around.

About 8:20 am, I yelled to Paul I got one. Should have just went home right then LOL!

No more for the rest of the day. But we had fun and I know the kids did. GOOD STUFF.




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Well I see you had fun. Nice one guy.

Had great time out at Franconia with a couple of newbies out in the field. Found some nice irons and three chondrites to add to my collection. Heard Del yell out from about 1/2 mile away that he found a nice one. I will just have to wait to find out how heavy it was .


Stan aka Kaimi

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Mike, cool little find!!! I have checked several dry lakes here in NV and seem to find a lot of stones on them, I guess I need to hunt dry lakes that don't have them on it ( is there such a place???) Very cool, Jason. :;):

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Jason, what little experience I have finding them. Most of all of the ones I have found have been around a lot of rocks.

When I get out on a dry lake bed I like to touch a lot of rocks at first. After about a hour or so of doing that, you can

learn which rocks are not good to touch. Then you can spend more time touching better looking rocks. Better your odds.

Stan, cant wait to see del nice one. Always fun out at Franconia.


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Nice one again Mike! Keep riding that wave as long as it will go! What's the weight on that little guy?

I'll be posting my weekend finds soon guys, just have to get off of work first.


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