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Dome Rock fun....

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Hi All,

Got out for a weekend camping hunting trip with an old hunting partner Lou. We went to Dome Rock of all the pounded places a feller could hunt and using a 8" Commander on the GPX-4000 snagged these nuggets...Lou got 5 or 6 as well.


I am telling you guys if you haven't used an 8" Commander on your 4000 you better give it a try and all our nuggets were deep for their size :innocent0009:

:icon_mrgreen: Bill

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That's pretty impressive, Bill...Way to go...Dodacious and I took a non-beepster run over to Q. this afternoon and spent a bunch o' dinero on stuff like a switch blade for me and a whisky flask and some tools and stuff and we got cool sunglasses and some artsy fartsy stuff from the vendors...I also got a magnet anklet which not only looks incredibly sexy on me but is supposed to cure pretty much every thing that plagues the elderly :woohoo: ...I'm really looking forward to that.... :laught16::laught16: ... Cheers, Unc

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Honest injun Mike it was Dome,

Me an Lou had a freeway to the North and a frontage road next to camp, RVers watching our every move and even Denny showed up to say howdy....

The 4000 with an 8 inch coil will sniff out small nuggets at incredible depth bringing even Dome back to life! or San Domingo, or RH, or ............... I have had really good luck with this setup over the last couple months and have bagged some nice nuggets and a bunch of dinks so I thought I'd give this setup a run at another old pounded patch and....well...bingo!

Hey Mike K, the pile looks to have been molested some. but the signal is still there...as usual gave it some thought and wandered off muttering to myself :grrr01:

Good hunting, Bill

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Man it was a great outing. Steaks on the grill, sleeping under the stars. We could have doubled our take if we could have gotten those motorhomes moved. Darn snowbirds park right on top of the nuggies...

All of thes targets were 4" to 10" deep. That 8" Commander is a hot item.




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It was good to see you and lou.Funny out there with everyone watching everyone all pretty close.Kathy and I went back out there Sat late afternoon .I detected till sunset and got 2 little ones .I will post them After work.Town was talking about a guy that found a big one out there.Like a few LBS.Well well see.

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