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Field Museum meteorites collection

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Hello everyone,

I went to the Field Museum and took hundreds of photos of the meteorites that were on display in the main collection. I took pictures from the 19 or so meteorites from the display that is away from the main collection. I will be posting the photos of those soon, I will add them to this page as soon as I get time, I have been spending lots of time on this since last night. I made 48 new web pages, one for each meteorite in the main meteorite collection. I put the best pictures online, I think that all of the pictures are pretty good and show the meteorites well. I hope you all feel the same. Here is a link, comments welcome.


The entire time I was taking photos(608 in total) she was bitchin, She hates meteorites, because that I all I am talk about and everything I do has something to do with meteorites, for some reason she thinks I am obsessed. I was not able to get all of the pics that I wanted, I wanted to do each pic both with and without flash. I still think I got enough photos to put a decent collection representation together.

Here is a sample of one of the beautiful meteorites that they have in there collection, It has to be one of my top three specimens that they have. Any guesses what it is before you look (class name weight)? take a guess then look to see if you were even close. Here is the pic:



Joe K

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