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Snow all around Tucson

John B.

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Hi All

Tucson was spared the blizzard and got about an inch of rain :innocent0009: . But I worry about Harry and Maurren, who are camping in Greaterville :yikes: ?? The are probably up to thier butts in snow :Huh_anim]: ?? I know Harry has a quad but I'm not sure if he's got a snowmobile :PO2: ?? Oh well I remember trying to meet up with Billy the first time in a blizzard :Huh_anim]: . When I finnally found his camp all I saw was tire tracks and 2 pee holes in the snow where he and Lou camped :escape: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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The evening before I pulled out of RH, Harry and Maureen pulled in, and told me about there experience with the snow. They're safe, unless the rain that's passing thru here, goes there-

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Check this out...even snowing in Hawaii!

Mauna Kea

Dude, you are making me homesick. I used to snowboard up there whenever it snowed. Hawaiian Airlines staff thought I was crazy whenever I boarded the plane in honolulu going to the big island. Of course it does look a little strange seeing a local wearing winter gear and carrying a snowboard BUT what the heck it was fun.

Aloha and keep warm,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Howdy John B, We arrived at our greaterville camping site after dark and woke up to 4- 5 ''of that white sunshine.And to think we left Montana to get away from this. maugeen had fun slidingdown the hill using My extra lerge gold pan for a sled. we had three fun filled days wallowing in the mud with the ATV. Didn't find any yellow metal so we left to check out the WSPA claims at Stanton. We enjoyed a couple days of sunshine and rain and are now back at Dolan Springs. Maureen found a .4gms.nug. by the chicken coop. Yes John I left a message in the snow telling the Az guy not to eat yellow snow. :laught16::laught16:


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Hi Harry

I was getting ready to put on a search and rescue mission until Shep posted :tisc-tisc: !! Yeah those snow filled hills are fun but I need the 40x20 coil to slide my big fanny down those hills :angry-smiley-010: !! Well now you got a feel for my home huntin grounds :icon_mrgreen: !! I hope you didn't get any close encounters from illegals, bigfoots or UFOs :Huh_anim]: . But most of all Harry thanks for leavin me some nuggets down there :hmmmmmm: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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