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Best wife and daughter in the WORLD!!!


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Sounds like they are trying to keep you from under foot! :innocent0009:

J/K :-)

Ya ever been up the road just East of the depot? Some really cool digs and buildings way back there. Really cool digs just to the East on a really narrow road right befor the mine back there (79 mine???) It's been a long time.

You ever get around the truck shop? My ex-father in law works there....awsome guy!....I need to call him :idea: it's been way too long since we visited .

Sounds like you got some people who are looking out for you :innocent0002: Congrats on the laptop!


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Congrats and Hpy B-day, Bunk ... There's nothing like the love and caring from family...Lets us know the new sploration spots you find...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Hi Calvin and All

Reno Chris and I tried to find you going through Dudlyville :outtahere: . He wanted to meet you and I wanted to pick your pockets for that pocket watch :hmmmmmm: !! We must have blinked while driving through cause we never saw your orange truck :ph34r2: ?? We actually toured the mobile home park there lookin :shrug: !! No Bunk :PO2: Happy Birthday !! :whoopie: Happy Huntin John B.

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Hey Bunk,

You have some GOOD family!

Hope you have a great BIRTHDAY and

enjoy your new toy.

If you have a birthday on the last day

of this month, the 29th, then you don't get

birthdays very often, and might be the reason

you got such a nice gift. If that IS the case,

your dearly beloveds may have been saving

that unspent birthday money every 4 years

to come up with really nice gift, when you turned 21.. :laught16:

I have been looking for a good laptop

that is durable and won't give problems

out in the boonies.

John B. mentioned that awesome watch

you found. I have been trying to conjure

that thing through my computer, :outtahere:

with no success... apparently

you still have it...bummer...


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Thanks for all the well wishes! My family is real good to me theese days. Tracy has been bugging me to get out and find a nugget as she has not seen a new one since thanksgiving just not much time lately with a new job and mama coming down on the W/E's. I do have a spot to check out today in the area of my wife's family ranch.

John B, I don't know why you could not see the "Great Pumpkin" unless I was at work, I am right off the Hwy. just before the Mini mart, Horseshoe DR.

Blake, I hear your father in law went to work for the new Carlotta mine up near Globe. And yes I have been to the area around the depot but need to explore it further.

Largo, Yep still have the watch, would like to sell but can't find enough info to know what it is really worth, so I have not tried very hard.


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