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Well, that was just downright fraught with nostalgia...Fortunately, I still can remember all those so maybe I didn't have too much fun in the '60's after all :winking0023: :winking0023: ...Thanks for sharing that...Cheers, Unc

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I can remember all that stuff,and then some.

Does anyone remember the sound of a steam whistle,on a long freight

train,or counting the hobo's on it? Carrying water from a spring or well

on wash day. Helping your mom get the old gas powered Maytag started.

Watching mom do a war dance after the foot starter smacked her on the

shin. :Huh_anim]:

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America was a much nicer kinder place when all we wanted was a car in the garage and a chicken in the pot. Mom stayed home and kept house and us hellions seemingly could do no wrong,or at least you never seemed to get caught. When you'd had a few too many the local yokel cops would call your folks or take you home and not turn you into a bankrupt criminal for the next 10 years--where is Ike now that we need him???John :woohoo:

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Ron ....Jerry....to tell you the truth I believe we had more fun back then but we didn't realize it

until now...wouldn't it be great to go back and do it again?......but then on the other hand maybe

it should stay the way it was.....

Sawmill....we must have been neighbors....I visited the old homestead last summer and the new

owners haven't kept the two springs cleaned out and now they don't even flow anymore...what a

shame....I was really surprised to hear somebody else besides me knew what a Maytag washing

machine with a gasoline Briggs and Stratton motor was all about...."now for the rest of the story"

about that: guess where the expression "don't get your tit caught in a wringer" came from...bet

the Maytag repairman didn't even know that one......

John... being a cop has got to be one of the toughest jobs in the world...with the liberal judges and

court system....the ACLU...lawyers that will sue over anything and the thinking of the general public

if a cop brought a kid home for using drugs or being drunk....the first thing that would happen is

they would be sued for a multitude of reason by the kids parents.....that would just be the beginning

of the end to that cops carerr.....

Anybody remember the metal blue jeans stretchers?....they worked pretty good...quilting bees...

brush arbor meetings.....the big old steam cookers used for canning vegies and fruit.....the potis on

your chest for the chest cold..( a mix of camphor..mustard...onion...garlic..and sulphur)...or how

about Hadacall (a fierce dark "medicine" for the women, 80% alcohol) farm women loved that


Guess I had better quit day dreaming and go "slop the pigs"....and gather in the eggs...

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A lot of fond memories of the early 50's. Some not so much. Like getting up at 5AM in dead of winter, milking the goat and then collecting several dozen eggs in the henhouse when it was 5 below. The outhouse was in the garage and required lime to be sprinkled to kill the smell. Then Grandma insisted every morning that I drink down a glass of still warm goat milk with two of the freshly gathered raw eggs cracked into the glass of goat milk. Those raw eggs were really hard to swallow being so fresh. Then having to wait for the school bus while it was still dark and below zero. Spit would freeze solid upon hitting the gravel. Pipes would crack if we hadn't piled enough hay over the shallow ones (prior to having a modern well drilled with an electric pump it was one of my jobs to hand pump and carry buckets into the kitchen to fill the "crock"). Every one was on a party line and you couldn't just yak on the phone for hours the way young ones do today. But, yeah, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I fear for today's generation of kids who are raised up insulated inside a "virtual world" bubble that surely will burst some day, or at least break down. And then what will they "know" to be able to survive besides dialing 911 (assuming the phones work)? Country folks CAN SURVIVE, but fewer and fewer of us remain.

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