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Gold Basin on 2-9-08

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The weather was absolutely great out at Gold Basin. The morning started a little brisk but when the sun came up it turn gorgeous. Tried out some new areas with no luck and finally ran into the :skunkkitty2: ! But at least I got away from the maddening crowd of Las Vegas.

Wayne found a nice specimen BUT Jason found one that will knock your socks off. :bowdown: I cant wait to see how close my guess of 106 grams came. :cool04: Jason you rock with that 3500. Hope you went back and found the other smaller pieces later that afternoon.

Looks like I will just have to wait for another week till Franconia.


Stan aka Kaimi :escape:

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Yeah..... :skunkkitty2: for me too this weekend! Does this Franconia skunk have a brother or what?!

I just got back from spending the night in the hospital. Seems my body wanted to make it's own stones.... KIDNEY STONES! :sick0010: Man this hurt like nothing else I've ever experienced in my life before! I just glad thats over!


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Glad to hear that you was able to pass it, Yep ...... They hurt like hell. I have passed quite a few of them, I usually try to walk and cuss them down, but when that doesn't work, hospital here I come.

My last stone was quite large and took a few Lithotripsy blastings to break it up into small enough gravel to pass. Sure is hard to imagine how such small stones can smart so much, but if you look at a few real close, you will notice that they look alot like goat-heads. Step on one of them with your bare feet and you will notice a striking similarity in the pain.


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