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"Walking in Tucson" - Another Video

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WOOF! :cool04: Wish I could have made it out there this year. BUT there is always next year. Thanks for the further incentive of finding more meteorites Ruben.


Stan aka Ka'imi

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It was good running into you Ruben. Good to see Mike, Paul, Larry, Billy, and others who are not as involved in this forum.

Ruben the video says its not available anymore...?


NWA's- Michel Van Den Dries & Caroline Claessens

Mali- Blaine Reed

Zag- Langhelnrich

Canyon Diable- Geoff Notkin

Taza-Bruno & Carine


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Youtube's servers just farted thats all. Great Video!

It's always fun to see old friends and make new ones,

and it's funny when dealers remember you or even what you bought.


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Thanks for the quick tours around Rubin... Erik thanks for you and your Dad draggin me around all day with you. East Tuscon is nice :laught16:....J/k I really had fun.. I should have bought a cube.....Oh well I guess there is next yr. By the way I just got a amplifier for the Gp extreme and am curious to amp it so that it might hear a holbrook? Nice vids Rubin thnx


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Ruben, yet again, another outstanding video!!! A fitting song as well! I didn't have a clue you were snapping away with your camera! Thanks for the time you spent with Lisa and I in Tucson! Mike, Paul and Billy It was nice to meet all of you and hang out with you guys! More new friends! I look forward to next years show. Everyone I have met in this great hobby have been awesome!!

Dean (newbie)

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