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I went to an area that was hunted to death and found this one near a dighole.

We dug all targets in the past so it should have been clean.

It's funny how time will make new targets appear.

Took my friend to a new area and he did well, he should post here later.

Good Forum, good people.


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Yes, between the gophers and moisture it makes a big difference.

The one I got today was loud.

It probabally was on edge and over time moved and layed flat enough to get a good signal.

If you have a patch that you think is hunted out, come back after it rains for several days and you would be suprised what you find.

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That's a mystery alright -- how those nuggets manage to elude us during one time of the year and then "miraculously" reveal themselves on a return trip. But it has happened to me enough times not to be surprised any more. And it doesn't seem to matter whether the surface is inclined or flat or whether the nugget is stout of body or road kill thin. Of course, we're not talking sitting ducks -- typically match heads, flyspecks or smaller. Ahhh, but that's one of the reasons I love this quest. Lack of mystery would a boring day make.

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