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Trick with the 4000


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Hello All,

Just a little trick I have learned in the field when you get on a big and deep target , flip your coil switch over to cancel mode and it doesn't matter what coil you have it does sound off with a mono coil . Play around with cancel over your pick head to see how close you have to get to a target to get any sound out of it , as most of you know how loud the signal will get if its big and down in a hole. It gets hard to tell which direction and how much deeper you have to go , in cancel you have to almost be right on the target to get any signal at all and thats where this is handy because if you can't hear it off the edge of the coil down in the hole, keep digging . Just don't forget to flip it back out of cancel or you will have a quiet day for sure .

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That brings back memories.

About a year ago I hit a patch and noticed my machine was running extremely quiet, flat line :innocent0009: . After about an hour I had a nice soft target and it turned out to be a large nail! I asked myself what the heck was going on then realized I was in cancel mode! :grrr01: :laught16: I had to sweep the whole area again.

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