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Funny ain't it how a year can go by so fast huh?.........

To one old dude.....pondmn :banged:

one sneaking up on old (avatar must be a least 10 yrs. old) .....Mike :shhhhh:

and one that don't even know the meaning of old....Robert :unsure:


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If you are referring to me Mike I faked my birthdate, actually it is March, sorry, guess I could change it to correct month at least . So next month I,ll be 56. One of the wet behind the ears still group. :brows: Thanks though, if you meant me .

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Garimpo You are not far off on that avatar age. It was taken in 2001. That was also when I still had most of my hair. I got tired of seeing myself on my snowmobile so looked for one more pic of myself and that was it. I hate having my pic taken so I don't have much to choose from.

Maybe I'll take a pick of the ocean surf after a winter stormnext time I am beepin down on the beach ... brrr .... this time of year it is usually 28-30 degrees with a mild 10-15 mph wind. Not my ideal beepin weather but beggars can't be too choosey. Whe you get the urge you just have to go and do it!


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