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GPX4000 users... Small coil opinions/reccomendations?

Lou R

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Hi all,

Any 4000 "hunters" that use 10" and under (round or elliptical) coils, what are your top choices for maintaining depth and sensitivity? I'm gonna get one for some tight spots and appreciate your insights before I spend my dough.

Thanks, Lou

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Like I told you the other day, Lou, you just can't beat the NF 9x5...It finds dinksters and deep too...Get one from Billy....I did and it's paid for itself several times over....Cheers, Unc

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The 8" Commander coils are Hot!

Settings on the 4000:

Control Box:

Soil timing-Sensitive

Fixed Tracking (fixed goes a little deeper and is more sensitive)


Sensitive extra

Audio Quiet

Very Slow on sweep speed.

These settings are for small gold and small coil, I use other settings for larger gold and running larger coils.

Remember not to run your gain to high. Detectorists biggest mistakes are running the machine too hot.

The 4000 runs well on gain set between 9-12. I try to run 12 gain on smaller gold if I can get away with it, any higher and you end up with false signals, but some hunters may tell you otherwise, just works well for me.


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Hey Alan,

I am using the same settings in hot ground with the 8" Commander and it smokes! I crank the gain as well....But only until it gets unstable then back off a notch. you are right on about miss use of the gain :icon_mrgreen:


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