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What kind of NWA is this?

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Hi List,

I've got an Unclassified NWA that looks different than any other material I have in my collection. This 11 gram piece is very different than the fractured, and common desert varnished "cheap stuff" that I've seen.

Can anyone tell me if this looks familiar? What kind of NWA is this?

Here's 3 angles on the same stone...






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Guess I should have asked a simpler question.

I'm not asking for a classification... :hmmmmmm: Just if this stone looks like something, or if maybe it would be worth sending off to get classified. Maybe I should have been more clear... :grrr01:

Does anyone think this Unclassified NWA meterorite looks like any Classified NWA meteorite? Or that it would be worth sending off to have it classified?



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Hi there, I'm thinking if you do a goggle search for NWA's that might be the easiest place to start, and if you already did that, then maybe getting it classified is the way to go. Or at least another opinion from one of the bigger collectors/sellers dealing with NWA's. I have only one type of NWA that was classified, NWA 4293 and all the stones look the same. Nothing like what you have. Could be something interesting, you just never know. Jason :;):

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