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John B, We waited as on top of that mountain as long as we could to pull that Hemi of yours up. We had to leave as it was a five hour drive back to Morristown. We left knowing there was a jeep there to push you up. :laught16: You know what I always say " If you can't go first class---Stay Home " :woohoo:

It was a great outing and Jim, Larry and I want to thank you and Mike for the effort you both put into it.


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Hi John

Well I'm really glad that big ford lumber wagon made it up that little hill :tisc-tisc: ?? The rancher a mile downstream has a collection of old fords that couldn't make ut up that hill :confused0013: :Huh_anim]: !! I hope you enjoyed your road kill burrito :hmmmmmm: ?? It was a hoot visiting with you :whoopie: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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