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I think Johnno may be onto something here:

I aM Over -Seventy No Fooling


Stan aka Kaimi

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I just need to ask everyone...."are you having a bit of fun"?

For the benifit of Johnno who rightfully took some good advice from Grubstake regarding hitting the "pillow" :zzzzz: ....and in all fairness to everyone else involved I'll post the next "Clue" after 5pm PST today 1/22/08.

For petes sake everyone....lets NOT just narrow this down to a "few participants"! Jump in and enjoy....just keep it clean, because the message on the "license plate" was ment no other way! And, in knowing my mother as I have....she taught me to walk with respect, pride and confidence!

Don't forget....."Age and Attitude" (previous clue) and maybe a bit of 1943 "High School" lingo played into this as well, and one could (us old farts) relate to the same term today. :hmmmmmm: .


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As Arnold would say, "I'm BACK!!"

Gary thanks for that kind gesture and tomax slip me the right answer and I''ll throw in TWO meatballs, they're Yummy and worth it! :laught16::laught16:

Something to do with '43?? My mum and dad hadn't even met yet! Let alone thought of me :grrr01: :grrr01: talk about a curve ball :tisc-tisc: :confused0013:

And are you having fun??? If being staked out naked on a bull ants nest is fun... that's OK for me! :laught16:

OK, let's Rock -n- Roll :coffeetime:



Now, I've got to go to bloody work in the rain

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Good morning to you tooooo Johnno, are you bright and fresh and ready to have some fun [no pulling you hair out transplant might hurt!!!]

Oh, by the way Gary Thanks and this is a bit of fun just tuning in once in awhile. :coffeetime:

OK, Rock and Roll!

I am over seventy neat & Fiesty

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Johnno....agony isn't it....keep the hat to cover up the hair transplant....

where's Bob T.? did he blow a fuse?......go into overload?.....

I'll give it one shot....I AM NOW- SINGLE NEED FRIENDS :innocent0002:

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