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Above my office door is a "license plate" that was on my Moms car which she bought after my Dad passed away. She has since passed on as well, but ya gotta love that spirit inside about oneself and the love for the outdoors, which both of them instilled and passed to me......soooooo, here's what I'm going to do with her blessing! :love021:

BTW...That 'car' now sets in our driveway and everytime I walk out my front door, well thats a story for another time....and 'pics' with herself and friends having fun in it are priceless, what a Blast, talk about a girls day/night out! :woohoo:....she needed that "bridge" to help her through her Loss!

Here's what YOU need to do....To the first forum member that can "Exactly" decypher the encrytped message on this "license plate" we at HystWare will send, at no charge to you, a copy of our Software Program....Mines and Minerals v1.0.

Here's how this "license plate" reads......


Have fun,


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Got a couple of thoughts on this BUT are you offering any hints besides what is stated.


Stan aka KaimiGot a couple but

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Hi Gary,

From what you said as clues, your Mom was probably a rugged individualist, and did't want folks to feel sorry for her.

With that in mind, and since she bought the car on her own, using those letters, my guess is:

It's My Own - Send No Flowers


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its my out sun and fun.is my guess. the outdoors can teach us all something. if we just watched the way wildlife is, maybe we could learn to be more like they are.its truly something that were even here. dont wait till we get sick to realize what we have out their to enjoy.just slow down and take the time to smell the coffee and just think and look. out their where most of you are, theirs mt lions. wheir i live their are wild turkeys flying down our driveways between houses and almost hitting our trucks as we come home. people were in covered wagons just over a 100 years ago,and its only been a 100 years. enjoy it while we can.thats my :twocents: worth

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My guess would be:

In my opinion - Shall Not Faulter/Fail

Cant make up my mind about the last word!


Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, she sounds like a women who really had a mind of her own along with the gusto for life!

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Don, I'm really pleased to be able to entertain you :laught16::laught16: Bloody have to work, one more before I leave...

In My Opinion - Sixty's New Forty

Bob T, See you later at the starting gate!

GotGold, Need that clue... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


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HMMMMMM! Looks to be getting very interresting contest.

How about:



Stan aka Kaimi

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