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Mondays nuggets

John B.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi John,

Congratulations!!! :bowdown: I can't wait to see it all cleaned up. I wonder where that came from? :innocent0009:

John, what's up with your camera, did you drop it in your ultra sonic cleaner? :smack:

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Hello John,

This is what I came up with ................

Wow Mike.....this is a very cool conversion calculator for 'specific gravity' tests! Can other metal be converted using the same system?

Did you put this together or......? This is really neet stuff, thanks Mike :cool04:


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Hi Mike

Pieter Hydelaars book says multiply air weight by 1.9 multiply water weight buy 3.1 then subtract the air from the water and that's the gold content :smrt1: . I come up with 20.12 dwt :shrug: !! Give or take an ounce or 2 :hmmmmmm: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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Big nuggets no matter what! How about a picture of the cleaned up contoversial weight piece. On thing I see about that way cool chart is the weight was figured assuming the gold was 24K. While I have heard AZ gold can be high karat I doubt if it is pure gold.

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Hey John,thats one nice and ugly :innocent0009: hunk of rock,mud,gold[mostly] can hardly wait to see it when it's cleaned up.



Nice rocks John, will be out your way in a few, will watch out for the polluter at your place

Hey Harry, Where's the dink you found? was rummering around the meeting the other day that you found one, see you in a few, stop by for a brew.


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Hi Mike,

this appears to be data that requires an additional program to generate the spread sheet. Can you tell us the name of the program you use or is this a spread sheet you made? I was able to download it this time but in raw data format and unable to convert to something legible.


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Hi All

Thanks for the atta boys :innocent0002: !! Hey Goldstudmuffin I thought you were fond of and collected Ford Muskrats :confused0013: :confused0013: ?? Are you giving up working on and fixing your dream car :Huh_anim]: :laught16: ?? Maybe you should drive a hemi and swing a Whites :coffeetime: ??? Happy Huntin John B.

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